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SAM’s Card Program

SAM’s Card Program General Information

The Cardholder User’s Guide provides the general guidelines for using the SAM’S Card. Please read it carefully. Your signature on the Cardholder Agreement shows that you understand the intent of the program and agree to follow the established guidelines.

The following important points should be reviewed before using the SAM’s Card:

  • Your SAM’s card is issued in your name. All purchases made on the Sam’s Card must be only yours. You are responsible for the security of the SAM’s Card and the transactions made with it. If you do not follow these guidelines when using the SAM’s Card, you will receive disciplinary action, including termination.
  • You can only use the SAM’s Card at the SAM’s Club Warehouse.
  • The SAM’s Card may only be used to purchase items that are included in a currently approved budget line item.
  • All receipts, along with the receipt form, should be sent to the Program Administrator as soon as you make a purchase.
  • The SAM’s Card is not intended to avoid or bypass appropriate purchasing or payment procedures as outlined in Board Policy CH or the Financial Information Resource Manual. This program complements the existing processes available.

Duties and Responsibilities

Program Administrator – (SAM’s Card Coordinator – Financial Services)
The Program Administrator is designated to answer questions, address issues and oversee the administration of the program. The Program Administrator has a direct relationship with SAM’s Club Warehouse. All SAM’s Card requests must go through the Finance Director for approval.

A cardholder is designated by the Budget Manager to utilize the SAM’s Card for purchasing small dollar supplies and materials. The cardholder is responsible for following the guidelines in regards to purchases, selection of vendors, security of card and monthly reconciliation.

Budget Manager
The Budget Manager is responsible for designating cardholders and for approving monthly SAM’s Card statements to ensure they are within District policy. The Budget Manager will also assist in monitoring adherence to SAM’s Card regulations. The Budget Manager is responsible for retrieving SAM’s Cards in the event of termination or change in the employment status of a cardholder under their supervision.

SAM’s Card Controls

SAM’s Card Receipts
Always obtain a receipt when using the SAM’s Card. It is every cardholder’s responsibility to ensure there is a receipt for each purchase. These receipts will be each cardholder’s documentation for the monthly SAM’s Card charges. After each purchase, complete the SAM’s Receipt Turn-In Form, attached the receipt and forward to the Finance Department for storage and audit. If a receipt is lost or stolen, the cardholder should obtain duplicate copies of the receipts. If unable, the charges become the personal responsibility of the cardholder and are due within 30 days.

Click “n” Pull
Employees are encouraged to use the Click “n” Pull feature available on the SAM’s Club website as often as feasible to minimize the time spent shopping by employees. Under this feature, SAM’s club will pull the items and have them available at the front of the store for pick-up.

Cardholder Responsibilities
After each purchase, every cardholder will send the receipt, along with the receipt form showing the proper account number for each receipt.

After reviewing the information sent by each cardholder, the supervisor should approve the purchases and forward the documentation to the Finance Department – Program Administrator.

Sales and Use Tax
The Round Rock Independent School District is a tax-exempt entity and does not pay sales tax. The cardholder should present a sales tax exemption form when making a purchase.

Security of the SAM’s Card
The cardholder is responsible for the security of the card. Guard the SAM’s Card account number carefully. It should not be posted in a work area or left in a conspicuous place. It should be kept in a secure location.

The only person authorized to use the SAM’s Card is the cardholder whose name appears on the card. The card is to be used for business purposes only. The card is not intended for personal use. Personal purchases will be considered misappropriation of District funds, a criminal offense, and will be reported to the proper authorities.

Employee Termination
The SAM’s Card must be returned to the Program Administrator or Budget Manager upon termination from employment with the Round Rock Independent School District.

Lost or Stolen Cards
If a SAM’s Card is lost or stolen, immediately contact the Program Administrator. Prompt action can reduce the District’s liability for fraudulent activity.

Because purchases are made directly by the cardholder and not by the Purchasing Department, certain added responsibilities come with the use of the SAM’s Card. It is incumbent on the cardholder to insure that the District’s Purchasing Policies are being followed and that purchases are made within established Purchasing Procedures. Cardholders should use the following guidelines when making SAM’s Card purchases:

  1. Determine if the transaction is an acceptable use of the card and if it is within the cardholder’s spending limit.
  2. Ascertain that the items being purchased are not available in the District Warehouse. If items are available, they should be obtained using the automated Warehouse Requisition process.
  3. Before making a purchase at SAM’s Club, cardholders should attempt to make purchases from vendors that hold District-Wide Contracts. Purchases from these vendors must be made through the normal Purchase Order process. Cardholders should contact the Purchasing Department if there is a question as to the status of a District Contract or if the Cardholder needs assistance in identifying a District Contract vendor.
  4. If there is any question pertaining to Purchasing policies and/or procedures or if the cardholder needs purchasing related assistance, the cardholder should contract the Purchasing Department (512-464-6950), prior to the purchase.

Examples of Acceptable Purchases

  • Tools/Hardware
  • Postage stamps
  • Videos
  • Classroom materials
  • Auto parts
  • Books
  • Office supplies
  • Janitorial supplies
  • Medical supplies
  • Safety supplies
  • Food supplies
  • Art supplies

Examples of Unacceptable Purchases

  • Furniture (unless approved by Purchasing)
  • Tires
  • Personal items
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Computer hardware or software
  • Capital items – any single item with a per unit cost over $1,000

These examples are for illustration only. Your department may have more specific guidelines for acceptable purchases.
SAM’s card procedures
SAM’s cards will be centrally distributed through the Program Administrator. Cards will be released to cardholders after receipt of a signed cardholder agreement.

The following items should be provided to you, the cardholder:

  1. Cardholder SAM’s Card Agreement: This is an agreement between the cardholder and the Round Rock Independent School District that affirms that the cardholder has read and understands the policy and procedures for the SAM’s Card.
  2. Cardholder User’s Guide: This document outlines the District’s policies and procedures in regard to their SAM’s Card. It also outlines approved types of purchases.

SAM’s Card Activation
Upon receipt of the card, the cardholder should sign the back of the SAM’s Card and always keep the card in a secure place.

Receiving Supplies and Services
A copy of the charge slip, sales receipt, or any other information related to the purchase must be kept by the purchaser and forwarded to Finance upon completion of the cycle.

SAM’s Card Payment
Employees do not pay their own monthly statement. The program does not affect your credit rating in any way. The SAM’s Card program carries corporate, not individual, liability.

Returns, Credits and Disputed Charges
Should a problem arise with a purchased item, service or charges, every attempt should be made to first resolve the issue directly with SAM’s Club. All returns must be reimbursed by credit to the account; cash refunds for returns are prohibited. Review of future statements is vital to ensure the account is properly credited for returns, credits and disputed charges.

  • Returns: If a cardholder needs to return an item to SAM’s Club, do so according to store policy. All returns should be indicated in the transaction log.
  • Credits: If SAM’s Club accepts an item as a return, a credit for this item should appear on the following month’s statement. All credits should be indicated in the transaction log.
  • Disputed Charges: If a cardholder finds a discrepancy on a monthly statement, the cardholder should contact SAM’s Club and attempt to resolve the problem directly.

Commonly asked questions & answers

For what types of purchases should I use the SAM’s Card?
The Round Rock Independent School District governs how you can use the SAM’s Card. The Program Administrator, along with your Team Leader will determine the types of purchases, as well as the maximum dollar amount for which you will be authorized.

In what ways do I benefit from using the SAM’s Card?
When you use the SAM’s Card, you enjoy reduced paperwork, direct contact with suppliers, quick and efficient order processing, faster delivery, and fewer errors.

How does the District benefit from the Sam’s Card program?
When employees use the SAM’s Card, the District enjoys greater productivity as a result of reduced paperwork, savings from consolidated multiple supplier invoices to one statement from SAM’s, and greater control over spending.

What should I do if my SAM’s Card is lost or stolen?
Immediately contact your Program Administrator.

What do I do if a purchase is denied?
Your purchase may have exceeded a spending or transaction limit. Contact your Program Administrator to determine the reason.

Will use of the SAM’s Card affect my credit report?
No. The SAM’s Card is a corporate liability card, and carries no personal liability for cardholders that use the SAM’s Card according to District policy and procedure.

Whom should I contact to resolve an error or dispute concerning my account?
You should first contact SAM’s Club. If you cannot resolve an issue with them directly, contact your Program Administrator.