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Risk Management


Workers’ Compensation Claims

Employees must report all work related injuries and exposures to their immediate supervisor even if they do not go to the doctor.

The District will make every effort to provide assistance to the affected employee in accordance with the Texas Department of Insurance rules on injured worker rights and responsibilities. Round Rock ISD provides Workers’ Comp benefits through the Association of Texas School Boards, TASB.

Step One

Complete Online First Report of Injury

This form must be completed by the Workers’ Comp Contact at every campus. Please complete all the required fields, print a copy for the employee and submit online.

Step Two

Download the Workers’ Comp Kit  (Use Google Chrome, not Internet Explorer)

Please complete, print and have the employee sign all three forms, even if they don’t go to the doctor. The employee must take the Medical Authorization form to the urgent care clinic. Please fax the Paid Leave Election and Alliance Requirements forms back to Safety and Risk Management. Fax 464-5465.

The Paid Leave Election Form is available in Spanish

Step Three

Choose a medical provider from the list of approved participants

Employees must go to an approved provider for the claim to be compensable.


The Texas Association of School Boards, TASB will assign an adjuster to manage each case. TASB authorizes all appointments with urgent care providers, specialists, physical therapy, prescriptions, etc. It is important for all employees receiving workers’ comp benefits to stay in touch with their TASB adjuster.

Incident Investigation

Medical claims should be accompanied by an Incident Investigation form. This form should be completed and signed by the supervisor. Send all incident investigation reports to Safety and Risk Management.

If you have any questions, contact:

Safety and Risk Management
Phone: (512) 464-5035
Fax: (512) 464-5465



Upon discovery of damage or loss to school district property, the campus/department must notify Risk Management (and law enforcement personnel, if necessary). In the event of a question regarding the notification of law enforcement, the Risk Management Department will make the final determination.

A Loss Report should be completed and forwarded to the Risk Management Department for all loss events, including broken windows and graffiti. If applicable, a copy of the police report should be attached to the loss form.

Risk Management office will be responsible for notifying the insurance carrier and forwarding the Loss Report to the Fixed Assets Coordinator and Internal Auditor if a cash theft has occurred.

Most items will be replaced or repaired through regular campus/department funds because they will fall below the deductible. All purchase orders, requests to purchase from Distribution Center and spot purchase orders for replacement items or repairs resulting from theft, vandalism or other losses, must be submitted to the Risk Management Office within thirty days of the date of the loss.

Damaged fixed assets should never be discarded at the campus/department level. These items are transferred to the Distribution Center using procedures set forth in the Fixed Assets section of the manual. Disposal of unusable items will be handled by the Director of Purchasing.


Alarm codes and keys should be maintained in a safe and prudent manner. Supervisors must pick up keys from all departing employees. Appropriate codes and combinations should be changed if necessary.

Alarm codes and keys must be issued only to employees who have a demonstrated need for admittance to the building after regular working hours, and a record of current key and combination assignments should be maintained.