Purchase Order Receiving

Purchase Order Receiving Procedures

Immediately upon delivery of the merchandise, verify the goods or services received against goods or services ordered on the purchase order. The boxes should be carefully inspected using the following guidelines for any damage.

  • Undamaged Freight (no visible damage to box or crate)
    • Receiving individual should sign freight bill at time of delivery.
  • Visibly Damaged Freight (box or crate is visibly damaged)
    • Freight company driver must note damage on the freight bill and sign it. Receiving individual should then sign freight bill and request inspection by the freight company if shipment is damaged.
  • Concealed Damaged Freight (Damage to merchandise is discovered after merchandise is removed from box and the box was not visibly damaged at the time of delivery)
    • Call the Vendor you placed the order with.  Keep all boxes and packing materials since the inspector will want to see the packaging. You should also have available a copy of the freight bill, packing slip and purchase order.
    • If delivery is complete, receive the order online.
  • Please remember, if late charges have to be paid, they will be charged against the budget of the campus or department which was responsible for placing the order.
  • If delivery is not complete, it is the responsibility of the campus/department to follow up with inquiries.
  • Cancellation of a purchase order is the responsibility of the campus/department. Notify the Accounts Payable department and the Purchasing Office via email to cancel a purchase order.
  • Returns should be made prior to approving the order for payment. The Accounts Payable department should be notified of all returns to ensure that the company issues the proper credits and/or refunds. Failure to notify Accounts Payable could result in a loss of credit.

How to Receive a Purchase Order in Munis:

Any questions related to these procedures can be directed to the Round Rock ISD Purchasing Office at ext. 6950.