Request to Expend School Funds

Request to Expend School Funds and Donations to Schools.
Operations Department (Facilities and Construction)


The Office for Facilities and Construction continues to receive numerous requests for approval to make improvements to buildings, grounds, facilities, and equipment installations such as playground equipment, fences, marquee installations, flagpole installations etc.

These requests must be submitted for review and approval early in the process to accommodate the schools’ anticipated completion schedules.

The following information must be submitted to the Director of Facilities and Construction for review and authorization prior to the beginning of any work or the expenditure of funds.

  • Partners In Education Donation Form or Activity Fund Disbursement Voucher (use for construction or installation purposes)
  • Information on the Equipment Manufacturer:
    • Name (or company name)
    • Address
    • Telephone number and fax Number
  • Information on the contractor, sub-contractor, equipment installer, etc)
    • Name (or company name)
    • Address
    • Telephone number and fax number
  • Plan and Specifications:
    • Site Plan
      • Show equipment location and layout
      • Locate electrical lines, waterlines, gas lines, etc.
    • Equipment Plans
      • Show detail erection and installation plans.
      • Locate electrical lines, waterlines, gas lines, etc.
    • Construction and Foundation Plans
      • Detail drawings on foundation
      • Detail anchor drawings
    • Other Details that may be required:
      • Electrical connections (i.e. connections to elec. panels, boxes etc. located within District Facilities)
      • Surface treatments (i.e. paint specifications, etc.)
  • Permits: Obtain necessary permits from the following governmental organizations:
    • Local building permit
    • Texas Parks and Wildlife Department – on District Facilities with caves, karst etc.
    • Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission – on District Facilities with imperious “ground cover” limits.
  • Regulations:
    • Any electrical, mechanical, plumbing or structural project that exceeds $8,000 in cost must have the drawings sealed by a professional engineer (Board Policy CV)
  • Insurance:
    • Any contractor, sub-contractor, installer who performs construction work on a District Facility or site must provide Certificate of Insurance with RRISD as co-insured.
      • Bodily injury and property damage. (see attached)
      • Workers compensation (see CV exhibit attached)
      • Auto Liability (see attached)
      • Certificate of Insurance
  • Work Schedule:
    • Provide proposed work schedule
      • Verify with campus principal of construction dates.
      • Verify date does not conflict on a TAAS testing dates.

Note: All of the above requirements require weeks of work to accomplish.

  • Approvals:
    • Campus Principal
      • Signature
      • Date
    • Director of Maintenance
      • Signature
      • Date
    • Director of Facilities and Construction
      • Signature
      • Date
    • Asst. Superintendent Elementary/Secondary Education
      • Signature
      • Date

Note: Once all approval has been signed, and documentation submitted to the Director of Facilities and Construction, a “notice to proceed” will be issued to the contractor to begin construction.


Certificate of Insurance and Other Requirements

Notwithstanding any other provisions in the Contract, certificates of insurance acceptable to the District for all insurance shall be filed with the District prior To Contractor’s mobilization. The certificate shall bear an original signature of an authorized representative of the insurer and facsimile or mechanically reproduced signatures will not be acceptable.

All insurance policies must be issued by acceptable companies licensed to do business in Texas. Such acceptable companies shall be represented by a duly authorized local agent having offices in Round Rock or Austin, Texas.

Each insurance policy shall contain an endorsement affording ten (10) days prior written notice to the District of cancellation or material change in coverage, and an endorsement providing that such insurance as us afforded under Contractor’s policy is primary insurance as respects District and that any other insurance maintained by the District is excess and noncontributing with the insurance required hereunder.

If RRISD is damaged by the failure to maintain all required insurance, the Contractor shall bear all such damages. The general information indemnification granted by the Contractor shall not be compromised or limited by the amount of insurance coverage.

Policy Reference: None
Approved by Superintendent’s Cabinet:________________