Food Service

Procedures for Student Lunch Charges

The following procedures are recommended for handling charges when students do not have lunch money.

  • Allow charges, (i.e., loans), for three (3) days.
  • Call or send a note home to parents each time money is borrowed.
  • If not paid after the third charge, send a free lunch application to the parent by mail.
  • If the loan has not been repaid after the third charge, no additional loans will be made. Principals may provide peanut butter sandwiches if he/she desires.

Accepting and Depositing Checks

  • Lunch tickets may be purchased by checks for any amount of days.
  • Checks may be accepted only for the amount of purchase.
  • Post dated checks are not acceptable.
  • Checks should contain Acceptable Check Information
  • Acceptable check information is:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Telephone number
    • Drivers License number
  • The Food Service deposits must be made daily.

Notice to Parents

The Food Service Department regularly includes a notice of information to parents which reads as follows:

Lunch/Breakfast tickets may be purchased by cash or check and are sold in the cafeteria on Monday mornings. Checks must be made payable to Round Rock ISD. Checks will only be accepted for the amount of purchase and post dated checks will not be accepted. Handling charges for returned checks is $32.48 per returned check. Checks should contain: Name, Address, Telephone number and Drivers License number.

Round Rock ISD Check Acceptance Policy is as reads: In the unlikely event that your check is returned unpaid by your bank, we may redeposit your check electronically. Additionally, you understand and agree that we may electronically collect a returned check fee of $30.00 plus applicable sales tax. The use of a check for payment is your Acknowledgement and Acceptance of this policy and terms.

Food Service Income

Cafeteria managers at each campus are assigned responsibility for the collection of money for tickets, meals, ala carte items, etc. These collections are counted and verified by two employees.

Daily Cash/Meal Reports and Cash Drawer Recaps are completed and deposit slips are prepared. The deposit slip includes necessary data for coding Food Service revenue in the financial records. These deposits are placed in a sealed money bag and secured in a safe located in the school office.

  • Each manager is responsible for completing the armored transport receipt book and signing the deposit over to the campus secretary. The deposit will be picked up on a scheduled pickup day by a courier and taken to the depository bank. Any problems with these deposits are handled by the Food Service Director/Staff.
  • Catering Request Billing
  • All catered events, special food/paper good orders are invoiced directly to the customer on a weekly basis. When an order is called into the Food Service Department, a Catering Request/Billing Invoice should be completed.