Fixed Assets


Fixed Assets

The District’s Fixed Assets Program allows the District to purchase, record, track, and report on items such as land, buildings, vehicles, and computer equipment.

Fixed Asset: an asset, tangible in nature, with a true value of $5,000 or more, and having a useful life in excess of one year.
Examples of Fixed Assets are land, vehicles, computer servers, etc. Fixed Assets are acquired by purchase, construction, or can even be a donation.
Each item that is determined to be a fixed asset item will have a numbered, white label with a red colored bar imprinted with “Property of RRISD” affixed to the unit (examples below).

Fixed Asset Oversight

The administration and oversight of the Fixed Assets Program resides with the Purchasing Department. A dedicated Fixed Assets Specialist administers and oversees the Program.

All fixed assets will be tagged, recorded, tracked and reported by the Fixed Assets Specialist.

  • Use of P-Cards for Fixed Assets items is prohibited.
  • All fixed asset purchases should initially be delivered to the District’s Central Receiving Facility located in the Distribution Center (961).
  • If it is impractical to make delivery to Central Receiving (e.g., equipment is to be installed upon delivery, or is too large or fragile to be delivered by Distribution personnel), the receiving party should ensure that the Fixed Asset Specialist is notified.

Any item that cannot be tagged, such as buildings or musical instruments, will be recorded on a Fixed Asset/Inventory Record Card. The tag will be placed on the card, in a campus/department binder retained by Fixed Assets.

Property Transfer / Surplus Turn In

Fill out the Fixed Asset Google Spreadsheet

All items that have, or should have, a Round Rock ISD ‘Red Lined’ tag should be listed on the form.
Items requiring tags include any item that initially cost over $5,000.

  1. Once received, it will be processed by Fixed Assets and you will be sent a tracking number.
  2. Warehouse staff will pick-up your items as their schedule allows.
  3. Ensure that all of your items are ready to be picked up and clearly labeled in case you aren’t available.
  4. All small items need to be in boxes (including cables and flat panel displays).


  • Download Form
  • Make a copy of the template and complete all applicable contact and item information.
  • Share the form with Fixed Assets

This form must be completed and submitted to the Fixed Asset Specialist before any tagged property can be sent to the Brushy Creek Distribution Warehouse for reuse, recycling, or resale as Surplus Property.

The form must also be used when tagged items are transferred from one location code in the District to another location code in the District.

NOTE: The form is not to be used for pick-up or disposal of any other types of items.

  • The sending Campus/Department (“owner”) is to complete all applicable contact and item information.
  • Upon receipt, the Fixed Asset Specialist will review the form for completeness, send a copy to the department head and if approved, provide the owner a work order number.
  • The Fixed Asset Specialist will create a work order for pick-up of the items by Distribution.
  • The owner shall secure the item in the location indicated on the form for pick-up.

Campus Inventory Audit

The Fixed Assets Specialist will conduct physical inventories of the District’s fixed assets on a periodic basis. At times, the campus may also be asked to assist in inventorying assets in their possession.

Inventory Schedule
The Fixed Asset Specialist will conduct a periodic revolving inventory of all fixed asset. Upon the completion of each inventory, the campus/department will be provided with a missing asset report, and given the opportunity to find or explain any missing assets. Once the report is returned to the Fixed Asset Specialist, a final report will be provided to the campus, the Director of Purchasing, Distribution Manager and the CFO.

Additional Annual Inventory of Fixed Assets
Fixed Assets will be inventoried on an annual basis. Inventories will be conducted before the end of the school year either by the Fixed Asset Specialist, or by campus/department personnel as directed. All discrepancies will be reconciled at the completion of the inventory and missing items will be reported in accordance with established policies and procedures.

Property Disposal

Property no longer needed by a campus/department becomes surplus. If the administrator is aware of a need for this property elsewhere in the school district, the campus/department may make arrangements to transfer the property to that location. If a need for the property is not known, it should be transferred to the Surplus Property Warehouse.

Property Disposal
Once items have reached their “end-of-useful-life” (as determined by D.O.P and Distribution Manager ), the items will be classified as disposed property. District Policy CI (Local) states that:

  • Whenever an item of equipment is deemed to be obsolete or unfit for use, such equipment may be disposed of on a competitive basis, either by trade-in or outright sale to the highest prospective buyer.
  • Items that cannot be sold in their original form, or lose their identity while in the possession of the District, may be sold as scrap, if deemed advisable, at the highest obtainable offer.
  • The determination of the highest prospective buyer shall be made with the approval of the Superintendent or an authorized representative.

Fixed Asset must be removed from the district’s Inventory prior to disposal

Items should never be discarded at the campus/department level. Instead, items should be transferred to the Surplus Property Warehouse where they will then be sold in a Surplus Sale or discarded per instructions from the Distribution Manager.

Surplus Sale proceeds are pooled and are not returned to any particular school/department’s budget.

Call the District’s Fixed Assets Specialist at 512-464-6955 or email with any questions about Surplus Property or how to dispose of fixed assets or inventory items.

Use of Equipment and Supplies

District Policy CMB (Local) provides the guidelines for uses of District equipment and supplies.

Lost / Stolen / Destroyed Items

For fixed assets that were lost, stolen or destroyed, the following procedures will be used by Fixed Assets to remove a fixed asset/inventory item from the records:

When an item is stolen, destroyed by vandalism, etc. the responsible school/department should complete a Loss Report as the primary documentation. The Loss Report should be sent to the Safety and Risk Management Manager, who will record the loss and determine if any insurance claim action is required. The Safety and Risk Management Manager then forwards the report to Fixed Assets. See the “Loss” web page within the FIRM for additional information.

Items that have been reported “lost” or “missing” by a school/department are flagged as “lost items” on the organization’s inventory for a two (2) year period. This allows time for the item to “reappear.” After the two-year time period has elapsed, if the item has not been located it will be removed from the inventory.


Item Examples $5000+
Technology Equipment > $5000 6635
All Over Equipment > $5000 6639

Land Purchase and/or Improvements

Building Purchases, Construction and/or Improvements 6629

Vehicles >$5000