Beyond-District Student Travel (District Funded)

Travel expenses related to student competition in events beyond the district level of competition (or beyond the first level of competition in the event of no district level competition) are to be approved in advance by the Budget Office. The funds for these expenses have been budgeted centrally and are administered by the Director of Finances Services.

Request for Overnight/Out-of-State travel must be approved by the Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education. The request for approval should first be submitted to the principal and forwarded to the appropriate Program Director (if applicable) and then to the Budget Office.

District Policy FMG (Local) reflects the Board of Trustees approved rules for student travel. This policy can be accessed on the District’s website at: FMG (Local).

All Beyond District Student Travel requests must be submitted to the Budget Office three weeks prior to the competition with the following information attached. If all of the required documentation is not received in a timely manner, processing will be delayed.

Note: Round Rock ISD will pay only for first through third place winners from the District competition (some exceptions may apply with group competitions). Congress or officers are not covered with BDST funds. Round Rock ISD will pay only the competition entry fee for a student’s project, student travel costs are not covered with BDST funds.


Upon approval of the Beyond District Student Travel form, funds will be transferred to the campus. Campuses will be responsible for making all travel arrangements through the District travel coordinator in Purchasing at (512) 464-6967. After Hours Help, call (512) 464-5555.

Required Documentation

  1. List of students and what events they will be competing in, and what prior event the student competed in to qualify him or her for event.
  2. List of sponsors/chaperones. All non Round Rock ISD employees (chaperones) must fill out a volunteer form and be approved through the Round Rock ISD Human Resources Department. Please direct all questions concerning volunteers to the Human Resources Department.
  3. Room assignments for students (4 to a room) and sponsors/chaperones (encouraged to share rooms).
  4. Agenda for the event.
  5. Overnight Approval request and Bus/Suburban request forms need to accompany the Beyond District Student Travel request form. The campus principal must sign the forms prior to submitting to the Budget Office. The Budget Office will review and approve the requests, and forward the Overnight Approval request form to the proper departments for signatures. Please do not leave on your trip until these forms are back on your campus.
  6. The Budget Office must receive, at the same time, BDST information from all campuses involved in a particular competition before approval is made.

Additional Instructions

Provide times leaving and returning to help determine the meal allocations. Please refer to the district web site for additional information.

Parents/teachers may not drive students in personal vehicle other than their own child.

Non-Exempt employees shall not be allowed to travel as sponsors. Exempt employees requesting to travel as sponsors, parent of a competitor or spouse of an employee (and the travel is not part of their regular job duty) must submit a leave of absence request form and obtain approval from the campus principal. Please refer to the District Guide to Payroll Matters or contact the Payroll Department.

Detailed hotel receipts must be sent to the District travel coordinator in Purchasing within 15 days after the trip.