Athletic Change Fund Order/Redeposit Procedures

At various times, it may become necessary to have change available during Athletic events.  Please plan ahead as a two-week notice is necessary.

Strict controls must be maintained by keeping change funds in a locked box in the school vault accessible by only the bookkeeper and the principal when not in use. Change funds must be re-deposited once the event is over.

Procedures for maintenance of change funds are as follows:

To request a change fund order:

  • Email Bank Requests
  • Amount requested should be broken down by currency & coin
  • Date needed must be given
  • Reason for request
  • An order confirmation will be returned to the campus secretary/bookkeeper and principal
  • Order will be delivered by the armored courier

To deposit the change fund order:

  • Complete Tabulation Of Monies form
  • Sponsor and bookkeeper must verify currency and sign form
  • Complete the Operating deposit slip
  • Write on the deposit slip the Athletic Change Fund account assigned specifically for your campus and a brief description of the event
  • Place deposit in the armored transport bag to await pickup
  • Send the pink copy of the deposit slip and any supporting documents to Amaris Wiggins in Accounting.

Email Bank Requests if you would like to:

  • increase or decrease the change fund amount
  • cancel an order